Dear friends,

Thanks to your support, we achieved a massive victory on Primary Day. Our campaign was so strong that we won every single town and ward in the district.

Now I have to share some personal news with you. As we approached Election Day, I began to get very sick, and my doctors were initially unable to determine why. After undergoing a battery of tests, I received an unexpected diagnosis and immediately began aggressive treatment.

While my family and I are hopeful for my recovery, these treatments have temporarily incapacitated me, and I am unable to continue with my campaign.

After much consideration, my campaign and the state Republican party have together decided that the Hon. Keith Murphy of Manchester is best suited to replace me on the ballot in November.

Keith was a champion of liberty during his four terms in the State House. As a father and a small business owner, Keith knows first-hand the struggles facing Granite State families and businesses.

I want you to know that Keith has my full support, and I hope that he will have yours, as well. Please visit to learn more about Keith and how you can help his campaign.

I appreciate your prayers for my recovery. I remain dedicated to the cause of liberty and will continue to do everything in my power to advance our shared ideals.

Thank you,

Michael Yakubovich